The cafeteria food can sometimes taste good, bad, or really bad.  Most kids prefer not to eat the cafeteria food and others will eat it no matter how nasty it taste.  Some people buy their food which they say taste better than what they are giving for free even though it's still the same cafeteria food.  My opinion about the cafeteria food is that it can taste good some days and other days well not really.  The school food isn't all bad but it isn't good either, some people eat it even though they don't like it because they are hungry and don't have anything else to eat.  School cafeterias also can't serve us what we want when we want it because they have to follow the food regulation.  This includes having to give us nutritional foods, fruit, healthy drinks such as water, juice, or milk.  They are not allowed to give us soda to drink unless we bring it or buy it and the food can not be more than 28 grams of fat.  The schools are allowed to have vending machines but no purchases can be made during school hours to keep people from eating during class and because mostly it's the law.  Schools also can't deep fat fry food.  The food items that have trans fat have been reduced to keep foods from being unhealthy.  That sort of explains why school cafeteria isn't good because if they could I bet they would stop serving us healthy they would serve us whatever we want which would probably be unhealthy.  The school cafeteria food can sometimes be good, bad, or ugly.

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